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buy • sell • trade : new • used • retro

buy • sell • trade : new • used • retro

722 W. 19th St

Houston, Texas 77008

(832) 830-8497



MON-sat: 12Pm-8pm

        sun: 12pm-6pm




Sonic the Monitor
Beat the Bird
Todd Snap
Independently owned and operated by hardcore videogame enthusiasts, we buy, sell, and trade everything from the original NES to PS4! All of our new games are guaranteed sealed (never opened to make "display cases"). Our disc-based used games are given new cases (never covered in old labels and filth), and all our discs are professionally refurbished here at the store to ensure you always get a clean/scratch-free disc. All our used consoles and cartridge-based games are cleaned with care, and refurbished when necessary. You can also pre-order the latest releases without all the hassle and up-selling of other certain game stores. We're located conveniently on 19th street, in the Houston Heights, between Shepherd and Durham... two doors down from Insomnia VGC... across from Fat Cat Creamery, and Hugs & Donuts. Don't just play games. replay games!